Nathan Castle, O.P.
teacher, preacher, workshop facilitator

Message For Churches and Spiritual Groups

Nathan Castle with Stanford StudentsEvery gift of the Holy Spirit is already present in the members of your church or spiritual group. But because these gifts are inside us, sometimes deep inside us, they may be hidden from view.  I can help your community unwrap its gifts. That means it’s Christmas every day! The incarnation of Christ-in-us is the Gift that keeps on giving.

I can gather your people in whatever format you think is best. I can offer a single talk at a luncheon or banquet. I can facilitate a day or half day of recollection. Maybe you audition me at something small. Then, maybe we go on to something larger, like a weekend residential or commuter retreat. I can be present at weekend worship services and offer day and evening sessions the following week, what in Catholic parlance is called a “Parish Mission.”

Heart Speaks to Heart

I’ve been a campus minister for 25 years, most recently at Stanford University. John Henry Cardinal Newman, patron of Catholic campus ministry, lived by the motto, “Heart Speaks to Heart.” So do I. Here are some of the themes deep in my heart I love to share with others:

  • Jesus’ promise: “I am with you always”
  • Jesus for the spiritual-but-not-religious
  • Beginning contemplative prayer and guided meditation
  • Living in eternity now and the survivability of our deaths
  • The Wizard of Oz as a spiritual adventure (Based on my book: “And Toto, Too”)
  • The Hero’s Journey of Joseph Campbell and the circle of life
  • The 12 Steps of AA for everyone
  • Living in the cloud of witnesses: enjoying the communion of saints and souls
  • Everyday mysticism for everyone
  • Healing of memories
  • Family tree healing
  • Healing from trauma
  • Spiritual hygiene
  • Becoming a mercy millionaire
  • Loving enemies and praying for persecutors
  • Quantum theology
  • Trying to love everyone all the time
  • Having the heart of a child at any age
  • Near-death experiences and connectedness in the spirit with loved ones who’ve passed
  • Waiting in joyful hope

I’m a native Texan and Catholic but I’m at home everywhere. I’m fluent in Presbyterian and speak some Lutheran, Methodist, Evangelical and Non-denominational Christian. I have respect for those who’ve become “church alumni.” Should you engage me to serve your group, I’d listen to your needs and, with your help, design an experience that’s content-rich, interactive and fun. I will not bore you, ever. I promise.