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02/02/2016 Play Now Archbishop’s Hour, Catholic Radio, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Host Mary Woods The Wizard of Oz, Through Mercy’s Door, Retreats, Moral Injury

Homilies 2014-2015

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7/12/2015 Play Now 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time Fr. Nathan describes how God’s calling changed his life from campus ministry to helping “wounded warriors”. We may find that when we are also attentive to God’s call, our life’s direction can take on new meaning. When we are restless, it could be God telling you to listen to His new plan for you.
6/22/2014 Play Now Feast of Corpus Christi On this Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we are reminded that together we all are the one Body of Christ. When we eat his body and drink his blood, he is in us, which means that everyone else is also within us. We are the face of Christ to others, and Christ takes on our appearance to them.
6/14/2014 Play Now Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity/Graduation Mass Fr. Nathan examines relevant words on this graduation weekend: Leland = Le- Land = plowed field, i.e. a field ready to be planted, to bear fruit, true of graduates. Stanford = Stone Ford, i.e. a way to cross an obstacle like a river; we can be that bridge for others. Graduate = gradient, slope, degree; i.e. a climbing, and ascending or descending as we make our way through life. Over all, God told Moses, “I Am”, i.e. the trinity is always, ever, and infinite.
5/25/2014 Play Now 6th Sunday of Easter A popular bumper sticker says, “God is my co-pilot”. But Jesus doesn’t want to be beside us, he wants us to take Him into our heart, to live within us. As we prepare for Pentecost, can we make that pledge today?
5/11/2014 Play Now 4th Sunday of Easter Jesus provides abundance right at the moment when we thought it was impossible. The challenge is that we need to go to our darkest part of our life in order to be the part of cycle of death and rebirth. Look at where in this world is the hardest to live your life. Would you let God there or would you rather keep stumbling under your own power?
4/19/2014 Play Now Easter Vigil We enter the darkened church tonight as if proceeding into a tomb, symbolizing some part of us that is dead. We receive the new light of Christ, and we seek his grace in the form of seven virtues- the gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counsel, Piety, Courage, and Awe. He is risen, and we are reborn
4/6/2014 Play Now 5th Sunday in Lent This Sunday’s Gospel is John’s story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, about which Fr. Nathan annotates several aspects of the readings. One annotation is Jesus telling his disciples that they must go to awaken Lazarus, but the disciples baulk for fear of being stoned. Jesus says one may stumble while traveling at night without light, but if Christ is in you the light is in you and you will not fall.
3/9/2014 Play Now 1st Sunday in Lent After being baptized, Jesus spends 40 days in the desert, and is tempted three ways by the devil- to make bread from stones, to throw himself from the pinnacle without fear, and to worship the devil in return for ultimate power. Like Jesus, we should strive to be hungry, to be fearful and to be meek. By doing good works this Lent we will rebuke the devil and invite Jesus to be our partner on the journey.
2/2/2014 Play Now Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Jesus was brought to the temple on the 40th day for the purification rite. The presence of Jesus, the one who loves you, makes all things possible. Because i know I’m completely loved, I can go out and bring the Presence to others.
1/12/2014 Play Now Feast of the Baptism of the Lord During the Christmas season, we are invited to become messengers of Christ, not mere observers. Mary accepted the service that the Spirit asked of her despite the risk she incurred, and became herself a servant, for example, by comforting her cousin. We too must take risks in the name of our Lord. And, like the babies baptized today, we must grow in the size and weight of our spirituality.

Homilies 2013

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12/25/2013 Play Now Christmas Eve Vigil 2013 The Christmas message is simple: Be open to true change; don’t just observe life. Like Pope Francis, we are all sinners; we fail to live up to Christ’s example. But we must acknowledge our faults and make a change in our hearts; then announce the Good News to the world.
12/1/2013 Play Now 1st Sunday of Advent Today is the first day of the new liturgical year, and unlike the new calendar year that is celebrated by joyous noisemaking, it is a time for quiet reflection on how we “put Christ on”, as the readings for today exhort. The first reading describes the place where God lives, while in the gospel we are reminded that the Son of Man will come at a time we do not know. Let us greet each new day by wrapping ourselves in Christ, as we enter Advent.
11/10/2013 Play Now 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time As the liturgical year draws to a close the readings focus on endings. Father Nathan draws on the metaphor of a plane descending to a landing to bring us to an awareness of the resurrection and its meaning in our lives. We can share this meaning with others whose ideology may not be able to incorporate the true meaning of the end of life on earth and beginning of a new life with God.
10/6/2013 Play Now 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mass of the Holy Spirit The parable of the mustard seed tells us to always seek increased faith in the Spirit. Fr. Nathan describes his father’s struggles to provide for his family. He put his faith in God (and life insurance!).
9/22/2013 Play Now 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Jesus tells the parable of the estate manager, who, about to be fired, reduces the debts of the rich man’s slaves in order to be well thought of. Jesus praises the manager for his clever actions and reminds us that we can’t serve two masters- God and Wealth.
9/8/2013 Play Now 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time The gospel reading for today seems decidedly odd: “You must hate your family, in order to be my disciple”. But this must be placed in context of the times, where it was customary for clans to stick together while shunning or even disliking other families. So Jesus’ words were meant in the spirit of embracing our neighbors, instead of only our close family. Do we love a few to the exclusion of all others?
7/14/2013 Play Now 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time The story of the good Samaritan. The law student in it thought that he knew more than Jesus. Jesus could have easily shown His own superiority, but His Jesus’ job was to unify, not divide. Instead, Jesus reached into the student’s heart to find the goodness that was there. Like He does the law student, Jesus takes us on a journey and walks it with us. The student first lived in his mind, but Jesus showed him how to live in his heart, just as we are called to live in ours.
7/7/2013 Play Now 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Jesus wants us to have the entire universe as a home, feeling as if we belong everywhere. The Lord sees what we are capable of even when we don’t see it, and He invites us along in His journey. Jesus sends us out to proclaim His Word, giving us His blessing and sometimes even directing us beyond security and safety. He teaches us how to be a citizen of the universe and is with us wherever we go.
6/2/2013 Play Now Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Father Nathan talks about the “Crypto-Catholic”, one who does not wish to advertise his faith, and that Christ so loves us that he becomes small enough to be brought inside our own bodies. Brother Pius noted that when he was in college he was a Crypto-Catholic who denied the meaning of his name, until one day a friend introduced him to a priest whose influence ended up changing Brother Pius’ life.
5/12/2013 Play Now Ascension of the Lord Jesus rose into glory with the Father, but is with us always. Fr. Nathan asks us which of seven gifts we seek today:Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counseling, Piety, Courage, or Awe. The Holy Spirit will give us all of these gifts if we but ask.
4/7/2013 Play Now 2nd Sunday of Easter Father Nathan describes meeting a new friend, who changes his heart and causes him to think deeply about how he is loved by God. Do we know God believes in us, and can we learn to believe more fully in others?
3/31/2013 Play Now Easter After the Resurrection, Jesus is seen by many of his disciples, including the two on the road from Jerusalem. He vanishes from their sight, but burns on in their hearts. Let this Easter renew Christ within us as well.
3/30/2013 Play Now Easter Vigil Many people reported seeing beautiful butterflies during a catastrophic tornado in Joplin. Could those butterflies have been the Holy Spirit? We need to ponder and be open to the many faces of God, and that the resurrected Christ loves and watches over us every moment.
3/29/2013 Play Now Good Friday The unique feature of Catholicism is our believe in Jesus, who became human to help us rise from sin, and to show us how deeply were are loved by God. Each of us has God’s full attention, as our Creator, as God the Son and as God the Holy Spirit. (The last minute of the sermon was not recorded due to technical failure.)
3/23/2013 Play Now Palm Sunday Today’s podcast is the reading of the Passion of our Lord. It is narrated by Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor and Director of the Catholic Community, Leo Kusber, and student Natasha Abadilla.
2/24/2013 Play Now 2nd Sunday of Lent Have you ever experienced transfiguration in any moment of your life? Today’s preachers, Fr. Nathan and a senior student Megan, talk about their life experiences on how God deeply touched their mind and got transfigured in a completely different way.
2/10/2013 Play Now 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time In today’s readings and gospel, three people, Isaiah, Paul, and Simon, show the example of how each of them allows God to penetrate the deeper level of oneself and how they are led by God next. We are about to be invited into the season that prepares us for Easter. What we need to do for this preparation is to practice: letting God penetrate ourselves over our weakness which blocks us from Him and responding to Him by giving our talents back, so that we are fully alive and available to God.
1/6/2013 Play Now Solemnity of the Epiphany The Magi were scholars of mathematics, and like most of the Stanford community, were seekers of knowledge. Characteristic of such learned persons is that they know much, but also know that there is much more that they don’t know. We should use our finite mind to always seek to know our infinite God and his plan for us. Preacher, Father Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor and Director of the CCAS.

Homilies 2012

Date Event Description
12/25/2012 Play Now Christmas Vigil Mass Christmas is often a time for many celebrations with family and friends. But the biggest and most important part of the Christmas celebration happens inside us. It is God’s Son wanting to dwell within us and love us. Take a quiet moment to reflect on the enormity of God’s love inside us, and how that directs us to live. Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor & Director of the Catholic Community.
12/23/2012 Play Now 4th Sunday of Advent When Mary visited Elizabeth and the baby lept in Elizabeth’s womb, we are reminded of Mary’s complete submission to the Lord: I am your servant, God. That is wise council for us: “Dear God, what can I do for you, today? How can I best demonstrate your grace to others?” Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor & Director of the Catholic Community at Stanford.
12/8/2012 Play Now 2nd Sunday of Advent – Early Holiday Liturgy This Mass is the CCAS’ traditional holiday celebration with choir, strings, brass, drums and organ to announce the coming of our Lord. Father Nathan reminds us that the early part of the Gospel of Luke is highly musical, with the song of Zachariah, the canticle of Mary and that of Simeon, who met the baby Jesus in the temple. Make way for Jesus in your heart; he IS the way. Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor and Director of the CCAS.
11/11/2012 Play Now 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Giving yourself” The woman gave Elijah food from her meager supply, and was rewarded with much more than she gave. The woman in the temple gave all her money to the treasury. So we are reminded that when we give ourself and our treasure to others, we are rewarded manyfold. This is another way of loving God. Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor/Director of CCAS.
10/28/2012 Play Now 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time The rich man was sad because he had many possessions and was unable to follow Jesus without disposing of them. Sometimes our material possessions choke our faith. We are called to good stewardship and give to our church and others through our heart. Preacher Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor & Director of CCAS; Stewardship report by Dave Mount, Chair of Finance Council, CCAS.
10/21/2012 Play Now 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time: “God is wild about you!” Do you know you are loved by God, that he is in you, and he wants you to flourish, like the seed that fell on good soil? There is the sense of urgency, as the liturgy winds toward events to happen where Jesus gives his life for us. Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor and Director of the CCAS.
10/14/2012 Play Now 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Mass of the Holy Spirit Jesus said, “If you wish to be holy, you must follow me. But first you must sell all your possessions and give to the poor, for then you will have treasure in heaven.” Let us focus on the important parts of life, and follow Christ. Preacher, Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor/Director of the CCAS.
9/23/2012 Play Now 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time: “To be first you must serve all” The disciples wondered which of them was greatest. Competition amongst each other is good, yet Jesus asks us to be servants to all, especially the least one of us. Preacher: Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Pastor/Director of the Catholic Community at Stanford.
9/2/2012 Play Now 22nd Ordinary Time – True religion is to open our hearts putting aside the following of the law. Jesus said “This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” In order to be truly religious, we need to open our hearts to our neighbors and to our God rather than being obsessed on following of the letter of the law.
6/16/2012 Play Now 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Graduation Sunday “Live for the Future” Live for the future,” Leland, Jr., told his father. We thank you for allowing us in your children’s lives for these few years. But students, do come back and tell us how you have changed the world. Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Preacher
6/10/2012 Play Now Corpus Christi Sunday – Talking to a Fish About Water The Body of Christ, the People of God. Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Preacher.
4/22/2012 Play Now 3rd Sunday of Easter – I am becoming Temporary or permanent? The resurrection changes us…but how?
4/7/2012 Play Now Easter Vigil 2012 Father Nathan offers a meditation on Jesus’ Resurrection according to the Gospel of Mark. Happy Easter!
3/18/2012 Play Now 4th Sunday of Lent – We are not blind, are we? The man born blind was recreated as Adam was created in the Genesis account. The man saw this and believed. In fact, he sees better than those who were born able to see. What are we blind to? Are we so entrenched in what we think as true that we cannot see the unknowable God in a different way?
2/25/2012 Play Now 1st Sunday of Lent – The Loneliest Church in the World You are beloved. Lent is a blessed time in which are are invited to fall in love with God once again. Are you willing to fall in love with God and His Church?
2/12/2012 Play Now 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Cleansed & Healed This weekend, we are having the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick offered at our Masses; Fr Nathan challenges us to allow Jesus to heal all of our infirmities.
1/15/2012 Play Now 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – Youngest I’ve Ever Been Today is the oldest I’ve ever been. Or the youngest. God is always teaching us, reminding us that we are his children. What will he teach you today? Listen in and perhaps you’ll find out!

Homilies 2011

Date Event Description
12/25/2011 Play Now Christmas Midnight Mass, 2011 – What do you want for Christmas? God is eternally young, always wanting to open presents and be generous. Are you as generous in your heart? What would you like for Christmas? What would you like to be?
12/18/2011 Play Now 4th Sunday of Advent – God’s Next Project in Your Life God wants our involvement in His creative projects for our lives, no matter our age or past achievements. Are we too set on our own ideas or can we give God the freedom of our consent as Mary did, to begin anew or a new thing, no matter our stage in life?
12/10/2011 Play Now 3rd Sunday of Advent – Anointed John the Baptist spent his life pointing to the coming of the Messiah. The Lord has anointed us to point the way to the Messiah as well!
11/27/2011 Play Now 1st Sunday of Advent – Deciding with the Spirit Our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah reminds us that we too are oftentimes of two minds when dealing with God. Yet the gifts of the Holy Spirit uide up to a deeper relationship with God.
11/6/2011 Play Now 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – The End The phrase “The End” has two meanings: (1) the actual end of a thing and (2) the purpose of a thing. Live the end of your life with a purpose, so when you complete you life, you can look back on your life with God’s purpose in mind.
10/9/2011 Play Now 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time – The Feast for All Father Nathan asks: What is it that’s really important that you’re too busy to do? Are you just showing up? The best feasts are those that everybody helped create, contributing a part of something
9/25/2011 Play Now 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time – I am with you Seeing the context of today’s Gospel, Father Nathan reminds us of Jesus’ promise to be with us till the end.
9/11/2011 Play Now 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Forgiveness and Violence in Scripture In the light of the 9/11 tragedy, Fr. Nathan reflects on the cost of the call to forgiveness and Jesus’s own words and example. We are invited to prayerful and consciously reflect on interpretations of violence from sacred scripture.
7/18/2011 Play Now 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Separating the Wheat from the Weeds Fr. Nathan shares some seeds for meditation on the parable where an enemy has mixed weeds with recently planted wheat seeds. Do we understand why God, the landowner, chooses to allow both wheat and weeds to grow together? Are we like the servants, eager to avoid blame and keen on pushing our reasonable and logical solutions, disregarding the will and wisdom of the landowner?
7/11/2011 Play Now 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Are You Listening? Jesus told the parable of the sower. “Anyone who hears the word and heeds it will bear fruit in abundance.” Do you really listen, or think you are? Ask the sower, the lover, to speak in you, because you do have ears.
7/3/2011 Play Now 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Simple Approach Fr. Nathan discusses how we tend to approach God with a natural fear and awe at God’s greatness and power, looking for God in the distant heavens. We are reminded that although such reverence is proper to God’s Infinite Glory, it is also God’s preference that we seek God in simplicity and in the easy and lowly things.
6/5/2011 Play Now 7th Sunday of Easter (Feast of the Ascension) – The Holy Spirit and Being Off-Balance Fr. Nathan reflects on the apostles’ response to the Ascension. Like the apostles, are we too self-centered in our contemplation of the divine but forgetting our call and mission to preach the good news? Do we allow the Holy Spirit freedom to lead us, even if it throws us off-balance?
5/15/2011 Play Now 4th Sunday of Easter Jesus is the Gate. We too are destined, by our baptism, to be open as gates, to allow God’s graces into our hearts
4/23/2011 Play Now Easter Vigil Father Nathan’s homily during the Easter Vigil. Please be forewarned that we had experienced a minor technical difficulty when recording this particular part of the vigil, so we ask you to be patient.
4/21/2011 Play Now Mass of the Lord’s Supper Father Nathan’s homily for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Holy Thursday, 2011.
4/17/2011 Play Now Palm Sunday A presentation of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew.
4/10/2011 Play Now Come out! The Lazarus story is the turning point in John’s Gospel. It’s where Jesus calls out his beloved friend to live full life of the Gospel. Are we willing to live this same life? Are we willing to live the Gospel?
3/9/2011 Play Now Heart of Hearts As we begin Lent, let us rest, be still, and allow God into the darkest, deepest recesses of our hearts.
3/6/2011 Play Now I Want You to Know Me Lent is soon upon us. In order to prepare, Father Nathan offers some suggestions to allow ourselves to know God more profoundly.
2/20/2011 Play Now Saint Bob Love your enemies! Have you ever wanted to give up on someone? Ever have a person in your life that just didn’t like for some reason? Father Nathan testifies that you truly can love an enemy, and you and your enemy together, come to Christ.
2/16/2011 Play Now Asking for More Father Nathan offers a reflection on the weekend’s readings, especially in light of the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona.
2/6/2011 Play Now Whitewater Rafting with the Lord Ever been whitewater rafting? When a person agrees to follow Jesus Christ, it is very much like rafting on the river. We are all poor in spirit. Yet, when we work with the Lord, it will be a wild ride…sort of like whitewater rafting.

Homilies 2009-2010

Date Event Description
12/25/2010 Play Now The Giver of All Good Gifts God is the Giver of All Good Gifts. He lavishes us with his gifts, especially the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. What are you hungry to receive this Christmas?
11/28/2010 Play Now Putting God’s Dream Into Words The Prophet Isaiah tries to put God’s dream into words. For generations, humanity has been trying to reach up towards God, setting up altars and holy places on high mountains. Yet we celebrate that God has come down to us. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a good example of this, when God comes down to us to have an intimate relationship with us. And we know what impact that can cause. Now imagine the impact we may have on others–people we may not even know–by rejoicing in our relationship with God.
10/3/2010 Play Now Acting on love The Gospel passage regarding the mustard seed asks to become apostles, not merely disciples. Being an apostle is allowing the love that Jesus has for you to set ablaze every part of your life, to the point that you are being Christ to the world because, simply, that is what a servant is meant to do.
9/19/2010 Play Now Things are Temporary, People are Permanent Relationships take time to develop. Lazarus and the rich man had a relationship, but one constituted of apathy. How many people do we know by name, but instead of treating them as a human being, ignore them as the rich man did Lazarus?
10/11/2009 Play Now Jesus is calling The rich young man teaches us the value of stewardship, and giving our gifts for the good of God’s Church and the world. Though priests and religious take a vow of poverty, even our preacher gives a tithe of goods for the good of the community. We are challenged not only to receive the goods we have received, but rather to give of our own goods for the sake of our community.
9/27/2009 Play Now Unity of the Church